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From operational assistance to strategic evaluations

Your whitelabel solution

As a machine manufacturer or service provider, you can maintain the relationship with your customers through a high-quality, digitally enhanced service offering.


Your self-service solution

As a machine operator, you can increase your production availability by empowering your own staff to provide faster service directly at the machine.


Package: Assistance

Use your expert knowledge as an assistant in the field.

  • Knowledge transfer for fault handling
  • Knowledge transfer for maintenance routines
  • Intelligent feedback & review system
  • Logbook for automatic documentation
  • Operational dashboard

Whitelabel solution

  • Intelligent assistance for your own service staff, from the field to the hotline, for a finally uniform and more effective solution to error and service cases. 
  • Also uniform and intelligent provision of service knowledge to your customers, as a digital self-service for initial self-help and predefinition in error and service cases.

Self-service solution

  • Intelligent assistance from the machine operator to the maintenance technician for a uniform and more effective solution of faults and service cases, in particular also independently of third parties.
  • Communication with the machine manufacturer via a structured ticket with advance information and delimitation of the error or service case.
Includes all modules from package Assistance +

Package: Collaboration

Work together to further develop the knowledge base and engage with your end customers.

  • Global logbook
  • Collaborative Knowledge Management
  • Management Dashboard

Whitelabel solution

  • Promotion of knowledge transfer as a joint and continuous task by means of international further development of knowledge bases, also through mobile service technicians.
  • Targeted provision of service knowledge, especially to a global customer base, with a central logbook for transparency purposes and the possibility of review.

Self-service solution

  • Forcing knowledge transfer as a joint and continuous task through the further development of knowledge bases, across shifts and locations.
  • Integration of the service knowledge of your various machine suppliers, with the possibility of permanent cooperation on the knowledge bases.
Includes all modules from package Collaboration +

Package: Analytics

Use the knowledge for evaluation purposes.

  • Global monitoring
  • Evaluation & Decision Support
  • Analytics Dashboard

Whitelabel solution

  • Valuable and comprehensive insights into the operation and performance of the installed machines for better targeting of customer approach and service.
  • Feedback of valuable knowledge from the field to the development department for consideration in the optimisation and further development of your machines.

Self-service solution

  • Detection of potentials in operation and maintenance of the entire machine park to increase production availability.
  • Evaluation also of defects in the process and your products to support more well-founded quality assurance and management.

Basic modules for flexible integration

  • Unlimited number of users
  • Machine & document management
  • Multilingualism (one default & one foreign language) 
  • Ticketing (sending a ticket by e-mail) 
  • Flexible integration options via API-first approach
  • Data protection & security according to GDPR standard

Add Ons for individualisation

  • Customising the software interface
  • Export function for offline availability
  • Multilingualism (one default & 30 foreign languages)
  • Ticketing (interface to the ticket system)
  • On-premise deployment
Our support offer

We also put great emphasis on service and support you until you are actively using our software.

Standard support options

  • Joint kick-off
  • Regular appointments
  • Onboarding and training
  • Support with project and change management
  • Quality assurance of the knowledge base
  • Individual support from a personal consultant  
  • Personal acceptance of product feedback

Booster support options

  • Joint work appointments as required
  • Joint milestone meetings
  • "Readiness Check" workshop (evaluation of maturity and ways to integrate FINDIQ into everyday life)
  • "Service Strategy" workshop (coordination of service vision, contribution by and requirements for FINDIQ)
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