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FINDIQ lifts machine service to expert level
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The machine service belongs to the one who has the knowledge

We value long-standing expert knowledge and make it available in an innovative way. To do this, we integrate knowledge management and assistance systems intelligently in a service solution for the first time. We digitize the knowledge of your best service experts as simply as possible. As quickly as possible, we assist inexperienced service employees to the right service solution.  
Our unique FINDIQ intelligence manages the transfer, expansion and self-optimization of the knowledge base in the background.

In numbers

67% time savings in reactive service

  • 20 hours are needed just to absorb the machine and fault knowledge of the best service specialists.
  • 6 clicks is then needed for an inexperienced employee with this knowledge to go from the fault case to the service solution.  
  • 67% faster reactive service creates capacity and potential for more proactive service.
Our procedure

Few weeks for a proof-of-concept, intensive support during implementation


Definition of the framework for a proof-of-concept with subsequent joint digitization of the knowledge base, e.g. for a first selected machine type.

Proof of Concept

3 or 6 month deployment of FINDIQ software for proof-of-concept with access to own test environment and immediate retrieval of knowledge base.


Application of the software to other areas of use, such as additional machine types, locations or users - without high transfer costs, with a fast learning curve.

Roll Out

Broad implementation of the software as a corporate standard with smooth integration into and adaptation to the existing service system environment.

For machine builders, operators and service providers

As a machine builder, you aim to expand the relationship with your customer after the sale of your machine via a high-quality, digital service offering.  

As a service provider, you want to maintain your service performance at a reliably high level across a broad machine portfolio and a variety of service technicians and partners.  

As a machine operator, you plan to stabilize your production availability by empowering your employees internally to provide fast service directly at the machine.

Simple knowledge management

Intelligent transfer

Quick assistance

Advantages at a glance

  • Timely utilization of the experience knowledge of your retiring service experts   
  • Fastest approach from the recording of knowledge to its availability for retrieval in the event of a service case  
  • First-time orientation of a service solution towards simple use, even for lateral entrants  
  • Novel intelligence for self-optimization even with individual and unpredictable machine behavior  
  • Suitable solution also for special machines, complex plants and interlinked production lines

Did you know that the knowledge needed to diagnose and correct machine faults is the knowledge most needed but least available in service operations? Take the taboo out of machine faults. Make the expert knowledge available and free up valuable capacities.
FINDIQ is your service solution even for difficult service operations.