About us

Who is FINDIQ?

FINDIQ GmbH is a young company from the heart of the industrial region Ostwestfalen-Lippe. As a software manufacturer, we have developed a novel approach to intelligently integrate knowledge management and assistance system for machine service. Whether for machine builders,operators or service providers, FINDIQ develops its service solution alongside the industry.

Founded by Sina Volkmann, Patrick Deutschmann and Tommy Giesbrecht in early 2022, the focus from the beginning has been on providing an easy-to-use software solution for the industrial user. The three have already seen too many unused or complicated products.

The team's second focus is on the fast economic benefit that its products should deliver. It must be measurable for the customer within a few weeks that service calls are faster and machine downtime is reduced.

The emergence of FINDIQ in times of multiple challenges such as rising costs, unstable supply and production chains, but above all the shortage of skilled workers due to illness and age has finally shown: We can't wait any longer. We have to create facts.

Our mission

We value long-standing knowledge in an innovative way.

We want to tap into expert knowledge in machine service as an existential business driver. To achieve this, we base our work on three premises:

Successful machine service has more to do with people than with machines:

Our task is to bring together service experts from different generations, disciplines even across companies. Because only the combination of technological and process knowledge creates a complete understanding of the machine.

Processing machine knowledge produces faster and better results than machine data:

The acquisition of machine data creates transparency about the machine condition. However, it is not yet sufficient help in the event of service. This is because expert knowledge must be provided to interpret the data, identify correlations and anomalies, and derive the correct service action. This is what FINDIQ.

Knowledge transfer is more than knowledge management:

For us, knowledge transfer is more than simply storing documents in a knowledge database. In order to search for the right information in this when service is required, both time is too short and the service case is often too complex. Our aim is therefore always to provide knowledge in the form of simple step-by-step instructions.


This is how we value expert knowledge. This is how we make everyone a service expert. This is how we raise machine service to expert level.

Our values

What you can rely on with us

Our Team

Sina Volkmann

CEO Sales & Business Development

"In my past, I have digitised many industrial companies and know that new software products have to inspire the user. At FINDIQ, I ignite this enthusiasm in every dialogue, every workshop and in the long-term cooperation with you."

Patrick Deutschmann

CTO Data Science & Software Development

"Together with FINDIQ and my many years of experience in science and research, I am taking on the challenge of developing novel intelligent assistance systems that can provide very concrete support to industry."

Tommy Giesbrecht

CPO Software & Product Development

"With the help of my expertise in software development and a creative and solution-oriented way of thinking, I want to facilitate the digital everyday life of my customers and bridge the gap between technology and being human."

Senada Memić

Head of People

"Together with FINDIQ, I can raise awareness in the engineering market about how humanity can be used to address the problem of knowledge loss."

David Siegel

Head of Software Development

"With many years of experience in scaling software projects, I would like to provide our customers with long-term, stable & innovative solutions for knowledge transfer."

Nico Stahlhut

Customer Success Manager

"Through my professional experience as a service and commissioning engineer, I have experienced first-hand how important expert knowledge is for rapid diagnosis. I help our customers to absorb and process the knowledge in a structured way to lift machine service to expert level."

Gaetano Giglio

Area Sales Manager

"With many years of experience in customer service in special machine construction, I strive to actively shape the future of machine service together with FINDIQ and to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service."

Daniel Pilot

Software developer

" Due to my experience as a software developer and my knowledge of physics, I know first-hand how crucial a good knowledge base is for efficient diagnostics. Together with FINDIQ, I support our customers in systematising and using their specialist knowledge to take their service to a higher level."

Julie Chaput

Marketing Manager

"I have been working with images, video, audio and text for years to present and inform about important topics. Working with FINDIQ, I can use my skills to let companies know that a loss of knowledge is approaching and how we can stop it effectively."


Feel Good Manager

Our Product

FINDIQ offers a knowledge-based assistance system that processes service knowledge with the help of a specially developed diagnostic AI and assists inexperienced service employees with complex fault diagnoses. 

The goal is to enable everyone to become a service expert. We process the knowledge of experienced service experts and make this knowledge available to new service employees as assistance. In this way, we enable them to handle even more complicated service tasks, such as fault diagnosis, quickly and efficiently. The knowledge is retrieved by means of a simple query of fault symptoms. The self-learning algorithm processes the input and guides the user to the cause of the fault in a targeted manner. Step by step, the assistance then guides the user through the solution routine. New findings can be easily added and fed back into the knowledge base.

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