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Here FINDIQ is among others, in use

International growth through digital self-service

Woodworking machine manufacturer

Knowledge transfer as a service business model

Digital printing equipment manufacturer

Venjakob GmbH

Digital transfer of service knowledge to the operator of the state-of-the-art painting equipment of an award-winning top innovator


Platform for the integration of technology and process expertise in confectionery production

Customer loyalty through digital service portal

Mechanical engineer in plastics technology

Assistance for the diagnosis of article to production faults

Global producer of components

Central management of decentralised knowledge

Service provider for mobile systems

Gneuß Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Providing digital self-service from the plastics technology innovation leader for its international customers


Our approach is adaptable to a wide variety of machines and industries

Special purpose machines

Standard model

Interlinked systems



Heterogeneous machine portfolio

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Digital ways for the service business

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owl maschinenbau

Network for mechanical engineering in Ostwestfalen-Lippe

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Science-to-Business Center in the field of industrial automation

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The Sevice Association

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High Tech Entrepreneur Network

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Full-service provider for technical documentation and information solutions

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