Take your machine service to the next level

We enable the service users of tomorrow through the service knowledge of today.

From now on, make the complex knowledge of your best service staff accessible to all. FINDIQ is your assistance system in difficult service operations and, as software-as-a-service, enables you to perform excellent troubleshooting and fault localization. We intelligently collect, secure and process your company's expert knowledge to make it usable and exploit it in a service-oriented way.


  • For machine suppliers who want to strengthen the relationship with their customers after the sale of their machines by offering a high-quality service.
  • For service providers who see their core business in the comprehensive servicing of machines, the potential of which they are unable to exploit due to a lack of capacity.
  • For machine operators who want to finally counteract the downtime of their machines due to inefficient troubleshooting or service processes.

The shortage of service specialists is increasing. At the same time, machines are becoming more complex and expert knowledge about them is becoming a decisive factor for success. FINDIQ helps to collect, structure and prepare the knowledge of the best service staff for all employees - regardless of mechanical, electrotechnical or process engineering expert knowledge. Our intelligent service improves fault diagnosis and significantly accelerates service routines. Unimagined service potential is released thanks to our assistance. This makes every service call what it should be - a sense of achievement.

Your advantages

  • Timely utilization of the experience knowledge of your retiring service experts   
  • Fastest approach from the recording of knowledge to its availability for retrieval in the event of a service case  
  • First-time orientation of a service solution towards simple use, even for lateral entrants  
  • Novel intelligence for self-optimization even with individual and unpredictable machine behavior  
  • Suitable solution also for special machines, complex plants and interlinked production lines

Knowledge management & assistance in one service software

Knowledge Management System:
In just 5 days, a base of service and error knowledge is created thanks to intuitive transfer from the minds of your best forces to our system.

Self-learning expert system:
Our FINDIQ service processes and optimizes more than 20 machine years of expert knowledge and makes it available as assistance.

Assistance system:  
With 6 clicks you get to the correct fault diagnosis. We guide you in their elimination and in service routines - step by step.

Our promise to you

Your security is important to us

The result of the Botiguard Cybersecurity & Ransomware security check has confirmed our good public cybersecurity.

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